Seven Bands You Have To Check Out

It’s already October and we’re not quite sure where the year is dissappearing to. The two good things about this time of year is Halloween and the fact that bands are back touring now festival season is well and truly over.

There’s so many huge bands set to tour over the next few month’s but we’re here to bring you seven of the best up-and-coming new bands who we’re really rating at the moment.

Check out who we’re loving and let us know who you think we should be checking out

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exiles of

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Exiles Of Elysium

Hailing from Wolverhampton, 5 piece metal/hardcore outfit Exiles Of Elysium are an amalgamation of extremities knit together in one tight package. While their style can rarely be nailed down to one specific genre – Exiles songs are structured with energy, turns of pace, and kicks in all the right areas.

With only one EP Stories to their name so far, the Midlanders seem to be standing at the starting point of what should be expected to be a marathon long sprint through the extreme metal scene. Tracks on the EP such as ‘Dead Tales’ and ‘Thirteen’ show the bands capability to mix together brutality and stomp without sacrificing the integrity of the music.

Perfect for anyone with a thirst for pace with stone weighted punches thrown in for added measure – Exiles Of Elysium are a superb bridge between death metal and hardcore. With such a long way to go in the bands career yet, we should expect extreme metal as a whole to become pretty familiar with Exiles in the coming years. Kris

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