Rock Music Can Come In All Different Shapes And Sizes


Set It Off

Source: Kennerdeigh Scott

The one thing that has always attracted me to rock music is the way it’s  meant to be inclusive to anyone and everyone. Yet when you look at the current state of rock music it’s clearly evident that a majority of it is very much dominated by white men. For those of us who are anything but it can get discouraging when you feel under represented.

I think that’s why a band like Paramore has made as big an impact as they have, and why to this day any band consisting of a frontwoman will likely encounter the (mostly invalid) comparison at least once. Because as a little girl, before Hayley Williams it was hard trying to find a badass woman in rock to look up to.

Sadly these days when we tend to find women or POC in bands, it’s usually a case of one prson vs. the rest of the band being dominated by white men. Yet with more representation as time goes by, we’re hoping it becomes more of a regular thing. So until then we’ve compiled a list to celebrate a few amazing women as well as POC showing us the many different sides of rock music.



Pinegrove is easily one of the most exciting bands we have encountered in recent years. Despite her great contributions to the band, unfortunately vocalist/ keyboardist Nandi Rose Plunkett is often seen as just that “girl in the band”. Her recent essay for Esquire is a wonderfully written must-read that’s not only insightful but also empowering.