Reminisce With 10 Great Albums From 2008

fall out boy

Source: Album Artwork

1. Fall Out Boy – Folie à Deux

Folie à Deux was vastly different from anything that Fall Out Boy had done before, and that was why it was so fantastic. Originally due for release on November 4 2008, the album was pushed back due to conflicts with the 2008 United States Presidential Election— but that didn’t stop the band from using a promotional campaign that was inspired by the political event. Prior to the release of Folie à Deux, Fall Out Boy released a mixtape entitled Welcome to the New Administration, which not only promoted the upcoming album but featured tracks performed by a number of artists on bassist Pete Wentz‘ record label, Decaydance Records. Folie à Deux saw drummer Andy Hurley and guitarist Joe Trohman become further involved in the album process outside of their respective instruments, as they had felt on the previous album, Infinity On High, things had been dominated by Stump and Wentz. With a star-studded line-up of guest appearances across the album, including spots from Debbie Harry and Lil Wayne, the record turned out to be a masterpiece of its time and is to this day regarded highly by fans and critics alike.