Three Reasons Why Vukovi Deserve To Be The Next Big Thing

VukoviTheir music is so upbeat so the crowd moves whether they know it or not

Vukovi only released their debut album in March this year and they supported Grouplove just before Reading and Leeds Festival so it wasn’t a headline show, but despite this it really didn’t matter if people know the lyrics to the songs, it was upbeat enough that the crowd really get into it and bounce around. With just the one album, the seven tracks that the band plays fall from this one record, and thankfully the album is strong enough for this.

For anyone who has heard the album the band manages to translate the energy, enthusiasm and jovial fun found on the record into a live setting. ‘La Di Da’ is urgent and heavy in the right places, although not so much that the more indie inclined audience felt lost. The night ended with ‘Boy George’, we would say it’s one of the best tracks from the band but hell their whole album is gold.


High energy levels

Dominating the stage with her bright blue hair, glitter filled face and an outfit which makes grunge unicorn seem appropriate is front woman Janine who is everything you’d look for to front a band. From the second Vukovi storm the stage energy and spirits are at a high as Janine dances, runs and sinks to her knees on the stage.

Thankfully these high energy levels are repeated by the crowd who move around unlike a lot of other Wednesday night shows shouting ‘Hey’ when instructed and helping the band out on their track ‘Animal’.


They have a real connection with the crowd

The band have a real connection with the audience as Janine consistently grabs people’s mobiles as they’re filming and gives the audience another view point of the show from her hand on stage,  it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from other bands.

Bands on this level who really deserve to be headlining venues like Scala themselves really show that fans are their priority.

If you’re yet to see Vukovi make sure you catch them live as soon as you can. Luckily they’re heading out on this year’s Kerrang Tour playing alongside The Amity Affliction, Boston Manor, and Casey.

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