“These Songs Are Without Doubt Bigger And Better Than Anything We’ve Done Before” – Milestones | Interview


Source: Press Shot

Manchester band Milestones are just gearing up for the release of their album Red Lights later this month, and it’s going to be BIG. Following up from their EP Equal Measures, this will be the band’s fist full length effort. We had a chat with bassist Mark Threlfall to find out more about all things Red Lights.

MOSH: Your debut album Red Lights comes out 23rd February – what can you tell us about the upcoming record? 

MT: It’s a collection of songs that we put a lot of thought and time into, we’re incredibly proud of what we have created and we cannot wait for people to listen to it. I feel like we’ve grown an awful lot as musicians since the release of Equal Measures, these songs are without doubt bigger and better than anything we’ve done before.

MOSH: What was the writing/ recording process like?

MT: It was an incredibly long and stressful process. It tested us a lot as a band because we were obsessed with getting it right. Matt and Drew would literally spend weeks in the studio at a time sleeping on floors in -5 degrees with literally no money writing these songs. It’s a very rewarding feeling now being weeks away from releasing this record.
MOSH: What’s the story behind the album title?

MT: The story behind “Red Lights” is not letting anything get in your way. Using all the pain and hurt you have felt to make the best version of yourself and pushing yourself further and further to reach where you want to be.

MOSH: Do you think there are any surprises in terms of the new album vs. what people may be expecting?

MT: I think there will be an element of surprise there, yes. We’ve grown so much as a band since our last release that our sound has changed. We’ve matured. I do hope that whether people are surprised or not, that they enjoy the record and can be a part of this journey with us.

MOSH: You recently released ‘Paranoid’ – can you share more about the track/ video?

MT: The track was something we don’t think people expected. It’s a little darker than what we’re used to; really hoping that people enjoy the rest of the record as much as they have Paranoid.

MOSH: Does this give a good impression on what to expect from Red Lights?

MT: I feel like Red Lights is a very varied album, we haven’t stuck to just one style throughout the album, but if people enjoyed Paranoid then I’d really like to think that they’ll love the rest of it.

MOSH: Last year you toured with some pretty big names like Simple Plan and Mayday Parade – what are some of the things you’ve taken away from being on the road with these guys?

MT: We learned an awful lot. It really drove home the point that hard work does pay off. Those bands had to start somewhere and it was amazing to see them playing to the amount of people they did every night. It also taught us a lot about being performers; SP and MP both put on an unbelievable show and I feel like we picked up knowledge from them for our own live show.

MOSH: How was it touring over in the States last year? That’s always a big *eherm* milestone for British bands.

MT: That was TERRIBLE hahahaha. Touring the states was honestly amazing. We played in front of some ridiculous crowds and met some awesome people. We were incredibly lucky to be able to do it. Hope we can get back over in 2018!

MOSH: What does the rest of 2018 have in store for Miletones?

MT: A hell of a lot of touring. We can’t wait to be back on the road to show everybody these songs live!