Marianas Trench Talk Life On The Road, Europe & Surviving Sixteen Years | Interview

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Theatrical pop-punk quartet Marianas Trench first appeared way back in 2001, when the genre was at its peak and showed no signs of slowing down. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the band made a name for themselves as global connoisseurs of the autobiographical anthem. We caught up with guitarist Matt Webb on their recent European tour to talk the past sixteen years and life on the road.

Mosh: Marianas Trench has been going strong for sixteen years now — looking back, how has the journey been so far?

Matt Webb: What a ride! As I strolled around the beautiful canals of Amsterdam this afternoon before sound check, I took a minute to appreciate how unbelievably cool my job is. It has taken years of hard work to get to here, and I truly feel like we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface, particularly in Europe. I love what I do – wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Mosh: Reflecting on your years together, what would you say is the most rewarding part of being a musician?

MW: Getting up on stage every night and hearing thousands of fans sing along to our songs.  It doesn’t get any better than that. 

Mosh: How do you feel your music has evolved, if at all, over the years?

MW: Sure it has. Josh’s (Ramsey, vocalist) writing is very autobiographical; the songs have grown up just as we have. For me, many of the songs represent a time in my life, whether it’s the actual memory of recording and performing, or something personal that I was experiencing during that period. 

Mosh: You’re currently embarking on a fairly lengthy European tour, how has it been so far?

MW: This Europe tour is one I’ll be telling my grandkids about one day. We’ve had wonderful days off in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich and many other cool cities, some of which I have never traveled to. I get out every day to experience as much of the culture, food, and people as possible, even on show days. I can’t name another profession where you get to spend your days off in the most beautiful cities on earth. 

Mosh: Do you get much time to explore the cities you play whilst you’re touring?

MW: On days off, absolutely. Time to explore is tight on show days, but like I mentioned above, I make a strong effort to cram in as much culture as I can in whatever window of time I have available. 

Mosh: If so, what’s been your favourite so far?

MW: Favourite city this tour has been Zurich. Josh, Mike Ayley (bass) and I had a wonderful walk along the river, sat in the harbor for a few cocktails, even contemplated jumping into the water haha. A very clean city with incredibly intelligent and kind inhabitants, and the kind of picturesque views you would see in my hometown of Vancouver. Felt a lot like home. 

Mosh: Your most recent album, Astoria, was released back in 2015; should we be expecting anything new from you soon?

MW: Yes, you should be expecting new music soon. And yes, we will provide that new music, soon. 

Mosh: Do you have much time to write/record whilst on tour?

MW: Too much crap going on to really hammer out any full songs but there is certainly plenty of inspiration to be gained. 

Mosh: After sixteen years together, is there any advice you could give to artists looking to break into the music industry?

MW: Songwriting is a muscle. Exercise it frequently. The more you are writing, the better your songs will get. Take inspiration from everywhere and everyone, and recognize that the music industry is very much a business. You need to be creative, but you also need to be business savvy if you intend to make a career of it. Most importantly, it CAN be done. 

Mosh: Lastly, what should we be listening to?

MW: I’m listening to Anderson Paak’s record, Malibu, and the new Empire of The Sun album, Two Vines. Check em!