This Is How We Live: The Summer Set’s Top 10 Moments


the summer set

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Arizona pop rock band The Summer Set have officially called it quits after ten years together. In order to avoid the doom and gloom, MOSH have put together a selection of highlights from The Summer Set’s glittering career. It may be over, but at least we can reminisce about the good times!


The Summer Set

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10. Coming together as a band

Back in 2007, remnants (Jess Bowen, John Gomez and Stephen Gomez) of Phoenix local band Last Call For Camden started a new project with Brian Dales and Dillon Morris. The band, dubbed The Summer Set, played their first show at The Sets in Tempe (now a tire service center) in the summer of 2007. The following year Morris left the band and was replaced by Josh Montgomery, which completed the contemporary line-up.