Kublai Khan – Impericon Never Say Die! Tour 2017 | Interview

Kublai Khan

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Kublai Khan are one of the best emerging talents, marked by their signing to Rise Records earlier this year. We caught up with vocalist Matt Honeycutt before their performance at the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour in London.

MOSH: So, the tour kicked off a few days ago over in Germany. Is there anything that’s happened so far that you know you’ll remember fondly… or not so fondly?

Matt Honeycutt: Everything’s been badass! This is our second time in Europe… we were here maybe two years or so ago, we actually played across the street at Underworld. We were supposed to come back with Lionheart but I had an accident and messed my arm up which meant we had to cancel. So this is technically our next time back and we’re really excited about it as we weren’t sure we were going to get invited back. It’s been so good, it’s a little early on so it’s hard to say but I’m sure I’ll remember the entire thing fondly.

MOSH: It’s a pretty extensive tour. Is there a particular city you’re most excited to visit?

MH: Spain, I love Spain. I had one of the best days of my entire life in Spain, it’s got the magic. Everywhere in Europe does but that place is special.

MOSH: Have you managed to forge any new friendships yet or have you been able to catch up with old buddies?

MH: Hell yeah! We toured with Emmure back in the States several times and Sworn In. We’ve just met Deez Nuts and Chelsea Grin, etc. and everyone has been super cool and literally we were talking about it just a minute ago upstairs that this tour has been going along with the least amount of friction we’ve ever encountered. How many dudes can you get in one room before one is gonna have a problem with the other one, you know what I’m saying? That’s definitely not the case here.

MOSH: Was there a concert you attended when you were younger that helped inspire you as a musician?

MH: The first underground show I went to, like not a concert but a small show was at a place called The Pit in our town and it was a bunch of just… kids. It was the first weekend of my freshman year of high school and I went to that show. It’s where I found most of my friends and got into the whole clique of playing shows and getting into shows. All the bands that played are all long gone but that show had the most impact on me even though it was one of the smallest I’ve ever been to. It was the people that mattered though and that’s what kept me around.

MOSH: In September you released your third album, Nomad. Your first on Rise Records. Have you found the album cycle to be different compared to on your previous work because of the change in label?

MH: We were on Artery before and it was cool when we started out but towards the end with didn’t really sail with them. Getting on Rise has been insane… the ability and amount of pull they have, first off, is insane. We’re not a very big band and so be able to help a band our size, especially as the kind of people we appeal to is a very niche market, get on tours like this, for instance, has been incredible. Our band got a second wind by getting on Rise, definitely.

MOSH: Do you find that there’s been a difference in the response you’ve received for Nomad compared to your earlier releases?

MH: Yes, definitely. It’s crazy. We put out the first single for this new record and right off the bat, even when we started playing shows off of it, that song was getting better reception than anything we had ever put out before. The second song we released, and the third… the same kind of thing. As far as all that we’ve had the best response we’ve ever had on this record and it gets us stoked. We’ve been a band close to ten years so it’s great to see our hard work paying off.

MOSH: What tracks from the new album are you excited to play live?

MH: We’ve got a new track called ‘B.C.‘ and that was the third single we released, which we’ve been playing live and will be playing tonight. The opening track too ‘Antpile‘, which is an ignorant ass-whooper track that we meant to put on our last record but we didn’t know if we should do it but we’ve put it on Nomad and it’s the track we close our set with every night. It’s probably my favourite, it’s only 45 seconds long but it gets such a great reaction. Kids know the lyrics, they’re moshing and all that… it’s amazing to see.

MOSH: Say it’s 2027… where do you see your band?

MH: I have no idea. Actually, I’d like to see it in the grave if I’m completely honest so I can go do other shit with my life… just kidding. I’d hope we’re still doing well because if we’re not doing well then we shouldn’t be doing it. That’s a long fucking time.

MOSH: Last question. 2017 is now coming to an end, is there any particular albums or artists you’ve been jamming to this year?

MH: Hell yeah! Left Behind, we just did a U.S. headliner with them and people are probably thinking to themselves, “Matt, shut the hell up,” because all I do is talk about them. That band seriously put out the album of the year though, no contest. They’re from West Virginia and they’re our buds, that’s what I’ve been plugging since the release.