How To Tell Your Loved Ones You’re A Nickelback Fan!


Sometimes it’s hard to tell your family and friends personal things about yourself. It can be really embarrassing to share intimate things about your life. And it’s definitely easy to feel judged or misunderstood when you try to share those things. But the bravest thing you can do is tell the truth—and let them attach whatever meanings or connotations they want to attach.

It’s hard, but sometimes you just have to stand up to the world and fearlessly and unapologetically say, “I am a Nickelback fan!”

And we know that might be easier said than done, so we’ve come up with a 9 step plan to help you tell your family you’re a fan of the Canadian quartet.

  • Step 1: Grab your black string choker, your fake tribal tattoos, your leather cuff bracelet, and your angsty 90s attitude.
  • Step 2: Gather up your loved ones and sit them down somewhere quiet and comfortable.
  • Step 3: Grab a box of tissues and some Nickelback CDs (you know, for reference).
  • Step 4: Take a deep breath.
  • Step 5: Tell them that this is who you are and what you like, and nothing they say will change the way you feel. You are a Nickelback fan. Just face it. Accept it. And share it with the world.

Now there may be some horrified looks or some crying—that’s what the box of tissues in step 3 is for. There may even be some swearing or shouting. They just don’t understand you. And they definitely don’t understand Chad Kroeger or the massive chorus to ‘How You Remind Me’. It’s okay, not everyone will.

  • Step 6: Play them Silver Side Up in full but circle back to ‘How You Remind Me’ at the end.
  • Step 7: Play them the greatest lip syncing video of all time.

Also play this punchy bad boy!

  • Step 8: Without a word, proceed to play All The Right Reasons in full.
  • Step 9: Share your final thoughts with your loved ones and congratulate yourself on being so courageous.

Whether they accept you or not, you are a completely normal and healthy young (or old) person. Stay true to yourself and love Nickelback with all your heart.

*Side note: In all seriousness, we really don’t understand why everyone hates Nickelback so much. We can honestly name 5 rock bands in the charts right now that suck more than NB. Also, let’s face it, Nickelback has hits! So let’s all stop acting like they aren’t the most 90s rock band ever.*