This Is What Happens When You Put Your Spotify On Shuffle…


Backstreet Boys

Source: Official Promo

Do you ever go through your Spotify tracks/playlists and think, “wow! What is my music taste?” – There is no need to lie, we all do it! The chaos of having Backstreet Boys next to Black Sabbath and New Found Glory with Nirvana keeps you amused, delighted and questioning your life choices for pretty much the duration of your listening session.

Most of the time we don’t notice how eclectic our music tastes really are. We carefully select our tracks based on our moods, which range from emo to angry to happy to bored. But sometimes we just let our Spotify do its thing – this is the moment when you realise, “wow. How To Save A Life really isn’t the best The Fray song”. (I have always known this. It’s obviously ‘Look After You’.) This is also the moment when you realise you’ve never actually listened to that No Doubt track and Britney went pretty heavy with the ooh’s in that one.

I decided to do something I don’t usually do: put my Spotify on shuffle.

So, without further ado, this is what you get when you put your music on shuffle. [/tps_header]

‘Three Cheers For Five Years’ Mayday Parade

I mean, considering my music is 80% emo, I’m not all that surprised that Mayday (kings of heartbreak) was the first to come up. ‘Three Cheers’ is the ultimate emo track bringing all the 2006 Myspace feels.