Four Reasons Why We’re Excited To Hear About The Audition Reuniting


The Audition

Source: Facebook

The year is 2018 and the day has finally come when The Audition are a band again. After six years away, the Chicago band have announced that they will be reuniting and playing this year’s Slam Dunk Festival across the bank holiday weekend of May 26th-28th. Alongside The Audition, Goldfinger, Roam and Reel Big Fish were also announced for the festival which we are stocked about.

Now, this year’s Slam Dunk lineup was already looking pretty fantastic, but now they have well and truly outdone themselves. Here are a few reasons why we’re so stoked to hear that The Audition are back. [/tps_header]

Nostalgic Jams

There’s nothing quite like those early 2000s jams and we can’t wait to sing our hearts out to tracks like ‘You’ve Made Us Conscious’: “Tick-tock on the clock and a knock at the / Oh oh oh, look at what we’ve all tried not to become / Another fabricated self-portrait / Oh oh no, take another glance and remember we’re the ones / Setting you up to take our fall.”