Five Bands We Would Love To Make Films

Recently, Slipknot released a trailer video for their new DVD Day Of The Gusano. The film is essentially a recording of their headline show at Knotfest Mexico, but also features interviews with the band and much more. It apparently: “delves deeply into the lives of the band’s fans as well“.

You can watch the new trailer here:

This got us thinking, there must be loads of bands out there who would make great films like Day Of The Gusano. Here are some we came up with…


Code Orange

Source: Graham Berry

Code Orange

If you’ve been to a Code Orange show at any point, you’ll know that as soon as the band hit their first note (and sometimes before) absolutely bedlam ensues. Not only would a live DVD of an entire headline set from these guys be a truly great watch if the production values were high enough, interview features with them and their fans would be almost as good as with Slipknot.

The members of Code Orange are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, and Jami Morgan and Reba Meyers do not mince their words one bit.