Crikey Mate! Take A Look At These Awesome Bands From Down Under


Source: Promo Image

Source: Promo Image

Grab your cork hats and boomerangs you flamin’ galahs. We’re rounding up the best names in rock and metal from the incredibly beautiful realm of gnarly beasts that is Australia. Birthing some of the most famous names in the business, let’s take a look at what makes Down Under one of the planet’s top musical gold mines. Polish of that accent and prepare for plenty of puns, consider yourselves warned. [/tps_header]


First off we have climbing enthusiasts and all round rock royalty, Airbourne. Formed in 2003, Airbourne have ever since graced the scene with textbook rock and roll. Full of flowing locks and enough solos to shit up a screaming Shelia, Airbourne have become a fan favourite for man due to their narcotic writing style and obscene amounts of on-stage energy. Just never take lead singer Joel O’Keeffe rock climbing if there are ladies present, save yourself the embarrassment. He’ll woop your ass.