With Confidence – Slam Dunk Festival 2017 | Interview

With Confidence

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With Confidence are all the rage in the pop punk scene right now, making waves with their delightfully catchy tracks and sunny dispositions. Hailing from Australia, the band have already had the chance to open up for the likes of 5 Seconds Of Summer in their home country and have also toured extensively over here despite having only released their debut album last year. This year’s Slam Dunk was their second time at the festival, and we had a chat with lead singer Jayden Seeley before they took to the stage.

MOSH: Last year you released your debut album, Better Weather, to widespread acclaim from both the press and music fans. Looking back on it, is there anything you would’ve done differently?

JS: It’s normal for any artist to look back on their previous work and find faults in it, but I try my best to avoid doing that because, at the end of the day, we’re proud of the record that we put out. Sure there’s things we’ve learned from in terms of the writing and recording process, or even what happens during live shows, but I think I can safely speak for the rest of the band and obviously myself when I say that we like the album just the way it is.

MOSH: You’ve managed to develop quite the fanbase here in the UK during the few times you’ve been here. What would you say makes British fans unique compared to the rest of the world?

JS: Crowds in UK or really Europe in general are a lot crazier than ones we’ve seen in say, the US or at home in Australia. They go harder at the shows, screaming along and dancing their hearts out. It’s definitely something beyond our comprehension but it’s honestly the best, even if we don’t quite understand why!

MOSH: You’ve certainly been named a few times in the whole “pop punk revival” that’s been happening over the last couple fo years. What sort of influences from its initial stint are behind your sound?

JS: We love bands like Blink-182, Green Day, All Time Low… Jimmy Eat World too. There’s a whole bunch of bands that have affected our style of music, far too many to name but all equally as important. We’re very lucky to have had access to that kind of music when we were young because its shaped us as both a band and as individuals, musically and otherwise.

MOSH: You played Slam Dunk last year, making this your second time. Knowing now how the festival works, do you find this weekend has been a little easier to handle?

JS: I think it’s easier to navigate this year, now that we kind of know what to expect. Last year was a bit of a nightmare when it came to getting from place to place, whether it was trying to find our friends or just see other bands, but this year we’ve got it all figured out!

MOSH: How does Slam Dunk compare to festivals you’ve played elsewhere in the world?

JS: Slam Dunk is kind of like Warped Tour in the US, but a lot more focused and streamlined because of the fact it only has a couple locations in comparison. It’s honestly a fantastic opportunity for us, as we get to play to crowds that might not usually come to see us but also get to hang out with some friends we haven’t seen in a while! This is probably my favourite festival to play.

MOSH: You’re sharing the Key Club stage with some pretty incredible acts this year, but if you could put together your dream festival lineup who would it include?

JS: Definitely us… obviously! Then I’d say Blink-182, All Time Low, Neck Deep, Cartel, Green Day and The Dangerous Summer even though they’ve now broken up unfortunately. It would be the coolest to play alongside our favourite bands.

MOSH: Have you managed to catch any other bands’ sets so far?

JS: Yeah, I just watched Crossfaith actually… that was crazy! Very different, very tight and very dramatic. We’ve also seen Like Pacific, Trophy Eyes, Neck Deep, Tonight Alive… we watched Against Me! last night too who were incredible. We just did a US tour with Don Broco and seeing them play yesterday to such a crazy huge crowd was probably my favourite set so far.

MOSH: What’s your best festival survival tip?

JS: It depends where you are… on something like Warped Tour, I’d say drink a lot of water. In the UK, since it’s generally pretty cold, maybe pace yourself if you’re drinking? Sometimes people get too excited and peak too early then end up on the floor, missing the end of the show!

MOSH: What can fans expect to see from you in the near future? Are you planning to release new music?

JS: We’re about to announce a few really big tours and we’re writing new music at the moment as we’re touring. It’s bigger and better than anything we’ve ever done and we’re excited to release it when it’s ready! It’s definitely going to take us to new places which I’m really over the moon about. We’re just gonna keep it as interesting and weird as possible.