Brand New Pulled The Biggest Brand New Move Releasing Their Fifth Album ‘Science Fiction’

Brand New 2017

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Eight years is a long time to be waiting for a band to release a new album. If it were any old band, most fans would have probably lost interest by now, possibly moving on to a different band who are a lot more active in releasing material. Yet for longtime fans of emo titans Brand New, waiting almost an entire decade for the band’s fifth album doesn’t seem unheard of at all. The Long Island four-piece has never been one to play things by the book, constantly dropping vague hints here and there; leaving fans to scratch their heads and come up with (often ridiculous) conspiracy theories on the band’s everflowing subreddit.

Especially with the band having been teasing their 2018 break up for the past few years, this past year has meant that everyone has been on edge. Every little thing is carefully dissected by the fanbase’s abundance of makeshift sleuths and suddenly something as little as the band’s website going down causes a Twitter-wide panic that the album was going to drop there and then. That’s just not how Brand New roll though, they enjoy making you sweat a little.

It’s been a wild ride filled with anticipation, with some of the more cynical fans sometimes doubting whether this supposed final album will ever see the light of day, what with the band having scrapped the first version of it. Now here we are midway in 2017, when the band seemed to decide that maybe it was the right time to cause mass hysteria, except this time it’s completely warranted. Taking no notes form the Record Release Handbook 101, Brand New unveils that LP5 is releasing in October and along with it tour dates in the US and UK that may or may not be the last chance for fans to catch the band live.

I mean seeing as this isn’t just any other band we’re talking about, the band has made everyone wait this long now it seems like they figured “Let’s not let them rest yet.” Just a couple days after the announcement of LP5 caused minor heart attacks worldwide, people were receiving a 61 minute, one-track CD that seemed to be a leak of the new record. HAS THE BAND…LEAKED THEIR OWN ALBUM? There seems to be a pattern here though, with the band sending out treats to unsuspecting fans – like that time two years ago when they sent out The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me lyric booklets ten years late.

To fit into what is obviously a meticulously thought out timeline, the band reveals that their new album is titled Science Fiction, and the CD they sent out is in fact the long awaited release in full. Even though physical copies don’t ship out until October, digital downloads are available now. So just like that, within a few hours frantic anticipation has turned into sudden disbelief. After such a long period of waiting it almost feels like too much too soon, despite the fact that we’ve all spent the past few years anxiously waiting for precisely this moment. Brand New might be the only band to ever announce an album due for release in October, yet make it available two days later. This is probably because not many bands would be able to pull off something quite so. dramatic. It’s been a wild ride, but honestly I can’t think of a more Brand New way of releasing a (supposed) swan song.