Alien Ant Farm – It’s The Closest Thing We’ve Done To A Country Song | Interview

Source: Official Album Artwork

Source: Official Album Artwork

Alien Ant Farm are arguably one of the most party-time rock bands ever. With smash hits like Movies’ and their cover of Michael Jackson’s smash hit ‘Smooth Criminal’ still remaining firm favourites of rockers today. With nearly 20 years as a band and a whole heap of studio releases, the group’s newest studio outing, Always And Forever, is an exciting prospect. With promises of a more urban flavour and some killer collaborations, we took the bands guitarist Terry Corso aside for five minutes for a chat…

MOSH: So first things first, with the release of a new album, do you find you’ve had more room for experimentation or is it business as usual?

Terry: We’re just being who we are, which, that being said, retains a lot of aspects of the way we play together as musicians and how we write. So yeah, with the records we’ve already done and the way we’ve kept it as semi-versatile as we can without losing anyone’s attention, we’ve managed to experiment with different styles and it’s opened up doors for us to be able to do so, so there is some more out-there stuff on the new record. It’s also the first time we’ve written with co-writers, particularly Hip-Hop/R&B guys and girls, which helped to bring two different worlds together. These guys had never written with a rock band and we’d ever written with their style of music.

MOSH: You have always had an almost Urban flavour. Particularly with tracks like the infamous cover of Smooth Criminal.

T: That’s a cool analogy, I’ll take that any day! Obviously, with a song like that, we took the R&B set-up and made it heavier. It has that kind of ‘street walking’ kind of feel to it, with that rhythmic thing going on, with the guitars and what-not.

MOSH: As somebody who works as a DJ and an attendee in alternative clubs, myself and many other DJ’s have Smooth Criminal as a go-to track for guaranteed party times! Do you think it has a kind of timeless feel that makes it stick out so much?

T: Oh yeah, from that first tom hit, everybody knows what it is and it gets people excited! I get to see people smile every day from hearing that, which is really cool. Just from that first note. We’ve always been Michael Jackson fans, he’s one of the greatest entertainers ever. Anything we cover, we try to put a little bit of our flavour on. We’re trying to do another cover right now, which is a Phil Collin’s song, ‘Easy Lover’. We’ll still have that spin of heavy guitar and crazy drumming and stuff.

MOSH: Obviously you’ve probably spoken about that song millions of times over the years, so we’ll move back to now! You’ve already released the greatest hits album back in 2013, but if you could put one track from the current album onto that, what would it be and why?

T: Hmmm… Good question. I think for me personally, it would be ‘American Pie’. It’s trying a different feel and it’s the closest we’ve ever done to a Country song. It has a message and a story to it, it’s based on the perception of truth, you know? It’s about a soldier who wants to get home to his girl. The guys we wrote the song with were really cool and led us in a bit of a new direction. It kind of rounded things out.

MOSH: We’ve notice a lot of bands of your original era like Soil, Coal Chamber, O.P.M and such are either still going or re-forming now. If you could make the ultimate line-up of bands (like Thrash Metal’s ‘Big 4’), what would it be?

T: Well, from our school, I think it would be the Big 3, which is already coming to the UK actually! It’s us, Hoobastank and P.O.D, which is our ultimate line up! We’re all friends and it will be a lot of fun!

MOSH: After many years of touring, do you still like it or would you rather do those shows spaced out over time?

T: I think if I toured a lot, I’d want to space gigs out. If I spaced gigs out, I’d want to tour more. I guess that’s always going to be the case.


Tickets for the bands upcoming tour with Hoobastank and P.O.D can be found by clicking here. Tickets are running low, so make sure to get yours asap!