7 Songs To Brighten Up The Mood On A Rainy Day | Playlist


Source: YouTube

Recently we’ve been having some absolutely dreadful weather, and sometimes it can get pretty demotivating. The skies seem to be endlessly grey and soaking in the rain is only the norm. If you’re anything like us then you probably feel like the best way to combat this weather is by (firstly making yourself a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate and then) blasting out some sick tunes that are sure to get you in a better mood. Songs about the rain, songs about the sunshine (mainly our longing for it), check it all out below. [/tps_header]

The Audition – Warm Me Up

The title of this The Audition song feels very apt – these windy days can get pretty chilly and quite frankly it would be nice to feel all warmed up. Plus not to mention this song is still an absolute jam ten years after its release.